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mi padre abusó de mis tres hijos de 6.9 y 13 años

It is 75 miles away from detours 11 octobre by the officials of the Municipal Police of Pulgar (Polipulgar) on the grounds that they are abusive sexual abusers.

Los hechos registries in the El Canal sector, parrot Simón Rodríguez, Pueblo Nuevo en El Chivo, Francisco Francisco Javier Pulgar, Sur del Lago de Maracaibo.

The madness of the men was audibly denounced as being sued by the Colombian nation, abusaba sexual abuser sued 13 years but in immediate succession ads the Vigilance and Patrol Service and the Processed Police Coordinator. operative en la area before arrestarlo.

You can declare this affirmation by presuming that you have sex: 6 years and 6 months and 9 sexual abusive behaviors.

El hombre tras ser detenido no ocultó su delito. Declaration of the police "which is effective only in the case of tens of thousands of people", said in a note issued by Polipulgar.

En su confession, el abuelo, "no solo admissible essay repudiable acto contra de los menores, sino que también bajo amenaza de muerte obligaba a su nieto a realizarle el acto sexual a sus hermanos, frente a él".

Los hermanos is currently running the Senate Delegation, the San Carlos subdivision, Colón municipality, before legal mediation, querying the order of Fiscal 16 by Ministerio Público.

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