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Mhoni Seer! A very important event will take place on October 31, 2020

Unbelievable The Vindente this Monday indicated that “a very important event will take place on October 31, 2020.” He also published the shocking predictions of The blue moon. You can not lose this!

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The Cuban mentalist assured that she has a message for October 31. In this regard, Moni Vidente indicated that on Halloween the Moon will turn blue.

That day Lucel will influence people with power and terrible events will be seen.

There will be demonstrations in the United States, people beating others. People chase people who are not the same to them. The woman will stand out in America.

In Mexico there will be signs in the sky that will completely change the mentality of human beings People in power in prison. Changes in the minds of young people. Very strong changes as of October 31.

There will be waves of very cold in the climate …

However, he also claims that we will have them and feel them for the rest of the year, reported.

Manifest Money, “Terrible things” approaching, he also revealed that there are good things to come.

Argentina, Chile and Colombia will come in different sizes to improve. In Argentina I see the death of a very important woman …

Coups are seen in Latin America

He noted that already, will end the virus that destroyed us all year.

Therefore, he warned everyone to be careful with what is to come on October 31, 2020, however he also said that we should not be afraid because there are still good things to follow, because this day will be the one that marks a new era Will it be?

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