Wednesday , January 27 2021

Luis Fonci received the best surprise of his wife for his 41st birthday

Miami, USA.

This Monday the singer Luis Fonsi he turned 41 at his best professional moment, once again becoming one of the most important in the Latin music scene, thanks to his reinvention as a reggae star and his role as a coach in several releases of the competition "Voice".

In a personal field, life smiles, because today it is one of the strongest marriages in the industry with his wife, the wonderful Spanish Águeda López, with whom there are two children in common.

Her wonderful family has become an unexpected protagonist of her day birthday he wants to give him a nice surprise, taking advantage of the fact that he had to spend the day in Miami one of the La Train programs for Telemundo.

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Upon completion of his work, his wife and his offspring unexpectedly appeared on stage to sing a happy birthday in a choir with other presents and deliver a beautiful cake.

"Thanks to the whole production of @lavozus, @telemundo, trainers, participants, the public that remained after the show, my work team and, most importantly, my family for this surprise, shortly after his account Instagram.

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But the emotions did not end there. The translator of "Slowly"He also received a full statement of love from Águeda through social networks that, no doubt, aroused him.

"Happy birthday, love! God can protect you and bless you always! You are an example for us all! We can not be proud of the person you are, who is even greater than the artist. You are the light." It's hot to throw so many kisses, the mummy becomes jealous), "Águeda joked in his profile, where he shared several pictures of his visit to the study on the television game.

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