Wednesday , January 27 2021

Los Angeles Lakers: Anthony Davis seeks re-signing with Markief Morris in NBA

The Los Angeles Lakers were the NBA champions in 2020 and several players realized it was time to take advantage of that. With the resulting ring, its market price was higher than ever and it was understandable that some chose not to return to the Lakers to secure their future.

Markif Morris, at first, was one of them. The intern became a free agent and did not negotiate with the Lakers because he wanted to explore market options. The Los Angeles Clippers and Toronto Raptors were interested in his services. but finally ended up opting for different options.

Morris, without the contract he wanted, remained a free agent, but the options were getting smaller. There, the figure of Anthony Davis appeared, who in a way put pressure on the general management led by Rob Pelinka to sign him again because of what was shown in the playoffs in the NBA.

Anthony Davis asked for Markif Morris

According to Brad Turner of the Los Angeles Times, La Cea was responsible for Morris’ request: “I think the market was getting very, very dry for Markief Morris and some players, so in this case, Markief knew the best place for him was in the Lakers, but how about this? “There is a boy named Anthony Davis who wanted to come back.”, he began to explain.

“I wanted him to come back because he is tough, because he plays defense, he jumps, he can shoot from three points, he can open the field and he is a versatile player again. “One thing the Lakers really wanted and were successful with was players who could play attack and defense.” discovered. And, it’s true, Morris’s numbers are not the best, but it is clear that he helped the ring. Now, he has signed a one-year minimum contract: Anthony Davis is happy.

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