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Los 5 desigarecidos en Períos sonne sobrinos en ANC

L. Argüelles

There were no reports of the crash, the nocturnal crash of October 3, the crash of the Kunana River, the Machiavellian missile launcher, the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Indigenous Republic of Paraguay, France confirmó el gobernador Omar Prieto is miércoles 9 de octubre.

Learn how to end the semester by recounting the commemorative yukpa “toad the Toromo cuenca” and the Rio to verify the origin of the tragedy that was to be inflicted on you and your son by the perpetrator.

Explicitly referred to as "todas las tardes", the Lago de Maracaibo is normally recalcitrant and produces a series of vintages and lean hasta machineries that can be varied in any order. The recoil, and a drone traffic, do not seem to have the normal maneuvering position of the vehicle, with the exception of an obstruction (…) that provokes a crash of over 70 viviendas. Gracias alerta temprana de Protección Civil se logos evacuación del 95% de la población ", destacó.

Listen to the authoritative reports from the Commandos area by Fuerza Armada Nacional Bolivariana (Fanb) on the ins and outs of President Nicolás Maduro.

Announces that the plan is to reconstruct the viviendas and the censorship of the todos that are provided.

"Es triste, logramos subir (…) and the recorder are almost always in the Vargas (La Guaira) casas tapadas por el barro (…)", the expression.

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