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LG lurks auriculares that limpian con luz ultravioleta

Tone + Free de LG
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LG's Tone + Free headphones come with a set of earphones, Bluetooth connectivity and battery packs for Apple's AirPods and Samsung Galaxy Buds.

Embargo, they have a characteristic distortion: they have a recurring effect on a system with ultraviolet light before eliminating the most common bacteria acumulants but su uso.

In addition to the prestaciones, the Tone + Free of LG has some other features, with a wide range of protection and liquidity under the IPX4 norm.

También cuenta con a microphone para recibir los comandos de voz y para realizar llamadas bajo la modalidad manos libres. Adams are available only in taciturn before controlling the reproduction functions.

The LG Auriculars have auriculars with an autonomy of only a few hours. The battery that is charged is the distortion that is required for the auto-tuning function of the ultraviolet light.

LG has released Tone + Free in Corea del Sur between October and November, and has a very accurate estimate of only 215 dollars.

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