Tuesday , June 22 2021

Letter from child to father, frustrated by bigleaguer

Dear Dad …: You have no idea how much I love you. I would like you to love me the way I love you, wishing you the best of the best, hoping that you will always be happy, trying to make your life give you joy and constant joy.

You do not love me, you hate me when you change when you take me to my baseball games. And that makes me suffer so deep that I can not tell you, I dare not complain. The leader of our team is a good man who does not charge for this hard work, but you insult him when he does not let me play. It's embarrassing me. It makes me bury. You look like a drunk street in the early morning when you are arguing with the parents of the children of the opposing team. You make me feel very bad.

Besides, when you find yourself closest to home to guide my bats, I shout, "It's ridiculous, it's not my dad !!". What annoying! I hear you …: "Lift up the bat, raise your right elbow, do not take your eyes off the ball." Oooooh! … Again, I'm ashamed! I see that bigleaguers are also outs this way, but because of their screams, boy. Of course, at the age of 10, I do not know how adults should behave, but I imagine that it should not be.

At other times I heard that the manager is talking to you about his wife. I said, "Maybe he's not a bad person, but he's obviously frustrated because he wanted to be a professional player and he could not." Now he dreams his son will be coming to big leagues to change his family into a multimillionaire. That's why he screams, insults. that he does not know to what extent he is a boy, and think that this child is one of the best pelotites in the whole League. "

True, Dad, I do not want to play football anymore. I prefer to take me to lift weights or to fencing.

Even when I think you do not love me, I adore you with all my soul and I'm sorry that I'm not the player I want to be … Hugs and kisses. Quique

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