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La reina del rur 2×04: How and how much time to see the "Queen of the South" of Talmud? | Kate Del Castillo | Teresa Mendoza TV

"Queen of the South" 2×04 | During the third chapter of the second season of the "Queen of the South" Theresa had to hear the death of her boyfriend Pedro in the hands of Los Pernas, so she decided to call her old friend Oleg Yasikov to help her in her mission to return as the strongest woman in drug trafficking, but she could not contact him; Moreover, she fell into the trap of the men seeking her to kill her because she was in charge of Kaetana, the mother of Theo, who wants to do everything to respect her son's memory.

On the other hand, Veronica's sister decided to oppose Theresa and pay her for the death of the former DEA agent, but her plan did not go as expected, so they had a hard confrontation after this "Queen of the South" he decides to give him a warning Willy rangeHe and his partner received all the information about his location and he did not have a better idea than to put a bomb in his car.

Teresa is greatly upset and angry at what has happened to him in the last few hours, so she decided to unite her old friends to achieve her goal and to save her daughter safe and healthy.


All chapters of the second season of "Queen of the South 2" You can watch them all over the world at 22 o'clock (eastern time) of Telemundo in the United States.

The series will be available on all platforms via Telemundo App (available only for Android), iOs device and with English subtitles one day after the premiere of the chapter.

You can also download the Telemundo Now application to access the full content of Telemundo United States.


In the video review of the fourth chapter we can see Epiphanios Vargas in an interview and he gets an issue that is not so pleasant to him and tells him about Theresa Mendoza.

In another scene, it is possible to see that the Mexican takes the flight to Spain to reunite with his old friends, but she will encounter an ungrateful surprise.

At another point, it can be seen that they find a corpse that is submerged in the depths of the sea and obviously it would be the body of Theo.

It seems that everything shows that Theresa Mendoza's plans do not come out as expected, because when she traveled to Europe she ran to Los Pernas, asking her to stop her, so she realized that her acquaintances turned their back on it or they left the life of drug trafficking.

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