Saturday , April 17 2021

Konas arrested two FES agents for alleged extortion

Euseglimar González | THE REPRESENTATION OF LARA.- Two officers of Special Forces forces (FAES) were arrested on Tuesday afternoon by A group from Kona against extortion and kidnappings, after receiving a lawsuit for the alleged extortion in dollars.

Police sources said that the victim arrived at the headquarters of the National Command to combat extortion and kidnapping at the age of 31 (Conas) to give up on extortion by some security officers. The man claims that, allegedly, the uniformed asked him $ 500 for the return of the Mitsubishi brand, the MF model, the vinotone color.

Sources reported that the military, having received the victim's complaint, agreed to "controlled" delivery, the "appointment" was near Plaza Bolívar de Barquisimeto, located on the 26th street between 16 and 17 streets.

The source explained that the victim took a packet that simulated the money, when he arrived at the site, allegedly there were two police officers and at the time he handed over the officials for "paying" Conas They fell to put the hooks.

Unofficially, it was learned that two officers were arrested: Camber Camacho (27) and Jonathan Kirinos (27), and a ranking officer, who belonged to FAES from the Bolivarian National Police (PNB).

According to a police report, the military seized three mobile phones as evidence; van and three firearms, the two officers were taken into custody to command Conas and they were placed on the order of Fourth Prosecution.

Obviously, today will be held a presentation hearing, where Court will dictate a measure of prison those marked by extortion.

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