Wednesday , July 28 2021

It is time to escape the Lion

Atletico de Madrid in 2015/16, Juventus Torino in 2016/17, Roma in 2017/18, Liverpool in 2018/19, Bayern Munich in 2019/20 and, unless a miracle happens, PSG in 20/21. On FC Barcelona It is close to experiencing its sixth consecutive elimination in the UEFA Champions League and, unless the return is a radical change, it will be the fifth humiliation suffered by the Blaugrana team in the maximum club competition at European level.

Barcelona stopped competing for the Champions League title and became a team that, despite a very small improvement, seems to be far from lifting Orejona again after the 2014/15 season with MSN in the best edition.

Specifically, and what is not accidental, only Lionel Messi That’s all that remains of the trident that led the culture team to win the last Champions League in its cupboard, and with Luis Suarez triumphing at Atletico Madrid and Neymar getting closer to regaining European glory, It seems that everything shows that the Argentine must leave the “Camp Nou” to feel again in a project that can be decorated as the best in Europe.

It’s time to dump her and move on

Messi wants and should win the Champions League again, which is why he will almost leave the team of his loved ones to join the projects built by the sheikhs in Paris and Manchester. Few players in the world should want to win the Champions League more than him and, of the big names, he should be the one farther away, because there is no project to support him. He has no friends and no team.

The blow against PSG, which is not yet final, but seems impossible to find, and the photo on the cover of this article may be the last impression we can have of Messi at FC Barcelona in the maximum club-level competition .

Although we can not reduce the responsibilities in the eliminations, it is necessary to emphasize that, if it were not for him, Barcelona would not be thinking of anyone to win Orejona. But this is not tennis, so he needs a team that can support him, help him and lend a hand in the most complicated moments, which did not make the team cool, which squeezed the Argentine to the end to be able to reach the examples when he is humiliated .

The best thing Messi can do is run away from Barcelona and look for a project he can support. Be it with Pep Guardiola or Neymar junior, with whom he knew how to reach fame and those who could give him what he needed most to play Orejona again with a smile.

It’s time to get away from Leo and leave a club that, in recent years, did not know how to use all your talent and made it the hardest thing to do: Build a team with him that is not capable of competing against the best teams in the world.

Barcelona turned Messi into a man, which seemed impossible.

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