Thursday , January 21 2021

Imagine paying 70 pesos per liter of gasoline, in Zimbabwe it is

Despite rising gas prices in recent months, Mexico is not one of the world's most expensive fuels, as from January 7 to April 15, average was 20.48 pesos per liter, and in the world it was an average of 30.41 pesos .

According to the platform Global gasoline, the nation with the cheapest gasoline is Venezuela, where it quoted Monday at 17 cents per liter; followed by Sudan, where it was sold at 2.6 pesos; Iran, 5.83 pesos; Kuwait, 7.06 pesos, while Algeria is in fifth place, with 7.23 pesos per liter.

While the country with the most expensive fuels is Zimbabwe, with a price of 70.01 pesos per liter; followed by Hong Kong, 45.08 pesos; Monaco, 40.48 pesos; Norway, 40.30 pesos; Barbados, 39.08 pesos; The Netherlands, 38.98 pesos; Iceland, 38 pesos; Greece, 37.99 pesos; Denmark, 37.7 pesos and Sweden, 37.04 pesos per liter.

According to information from Global Petrol, Mexico is at the 60th position among 164 nations analyzed around the world, after Monday, hydrocarbon quoted an average of 20.72 pesos per liter.

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