Thursday , January 21 2021

Hunting! New crypto game hides one million dollars CryptoNews

The premise that reality exceeds fiction has reached the crypto-system. This Monday, the 15th, the bitcoiner community received an invitation to "catch" the keys of a battle shirt that has the equivalent of one million dollars as part of Satoshi's Treasure game.

The hunters of Satoshi's treasure will have to recover 400 of the 1,000 fragments of the private keys of the bitcoin wallet, hidden in different locations around the world. To get the keys, hunters will have to overcome the various challenges whose difficulty will increase as they advance into competition, according to the developers.

The rules of the game can be found on the website.

To overcome the challenges, players will get clues that will help them achieve the goal. The first song, released yesterday, was aired using the Street block, which transmits data related to bitcoin.

So far, Satoshi's fortune team has determined that there will be challenges requiring knowledge of encryption, logic and mathematics, among other subjects, the possibility of visiting remote locations and performing feats as if it were a film of action. According to Eric Melzer, The game's creator, hunting teams or hunters can see in the rating table the team that runs the house-like the games of hunger.

Meltser told Coindesk that players should have a minimum of 400 pieces to transfer funds to BTC. He also clarified that there is no set of rules for participation at all, because it's just a game compared to Ready Player One, by Steven Spielberg, which has already registered more than 6,000 participants.

There are currently three songs available for the participants, who will release the first three keys of Satoshi's fortune on Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17.

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