Tuesday , March 2 2021

How To Send Temporary WhatsApp Messages For Self Destruction In 7 Days

In the case of an individual user, on iOS and Android we will have to go to the contact from the chat panel.

Courtesy | The pictures sent from the temporary chat will be removed from the photos of the application

WhatsApp has just activated temporary messages that self-destruct every 7 days in mobile applications, desktop applications and WhatsApp Web.

The company announced the availability of the feature in early December after testing it for a long time in beta, and it is finally available to all users, as we have seen.

The idea is that by activating it, the function will delete the received and sent messages in the conversation, including audio and other multimedia content.

Activating temporary chat messages is very easy. In case of an individual user, in iOS and Android we will have to go to the contact from the chat panel and after entering their chat, we will touch the name.

That will take us to “Info. contact “, menu where we will find the option” Temporary messages “. Once we get there, WhatsApp will explain how it works and allow us to activate and deactivate the option.

In the Web and Desktop version

In WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop the steps are similar to those we saw on mobile. We access the chat contact information where we want to activate the temporary messages.

By activating this option, we will have the benefits and opportunities offered by self-destructing messages. This is how the company explains the features and limitations of this innovation:

  • Any of the users of a normal conversation (between two people) can activate the function, but in groups, the possibility for that will be in the hands of the administrators only.
  • Although temporary messages disappear within a week, it is important to remember what WhatsApp shows: the notification view may not be clear, which includes Android, iOS, macOS and, in this case, Windows 10.
  • If you reply to an ephemeral message as a meeting, even after seven days, the quoted message can still be seen.
  • If an ephemeral message is forwarded to a group where ephemeral messages are disabled, it will remain visible in the forwarded conversation.
  • If the user makes a backup when the ephemeral message is still visible, it will be included in the backup. Ephemeral messages will be deleted when the user restores the backup.
  • The pictures sent from the temporary chat will be removed from the photos of the application. However, if auto-save in the smartphone gallery is enabled, photos will remain on different devices even after the day the messages are deleted.

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