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On hantavirus caused deaths of at least 11 people Argentina, according to a new warning issued by the World Health Organization (WHO)

Of the 29 cases of the disease caused by a virus, confirmed by laboratory tests between late October 2018 and January 20, 2019, nearly 60% correspond to women or girls, in detail WHO.

Hantavirus in Argentina | Why worry about the epidemic that caused the death of 10 people?
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World Health Organization (WHO) recommended that health authorities in Latin America be careful and intensify efforts to detect, investigate, manage, and control cases of hantavirus after the outbreak in Argentina.

Below you need to know about hantavirus

How is Hantavirus spreading?

On hantavirus causes a respiratory disease that is generally acquired through contact with excrement or saliva from infected rats or rodents.

But it is still unknown whether the transfer between humans is possible. Therefore, the WHO He said special attention should be paid to passengers returning from the affected areas.

"Potential human-to-human transmission is currently under investigation," the organization said.

What are the symptoms of a hantavirus?

The disease caused by hantavirus It is characterized by headaches, dizziness, fever, nausea, diarrhea and abdominal pain, followed by a sudden onset of severe respiratory symptoms

It is possible for the person concerned to feel better for a short period of time, but after one or two days he can attend difficulty in breathing and rapid deterioration, according to the American medical dictionary.

What is the treatment for hantavirus?

People with hantavirus they are treated in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), where they receive oxygen, artificial ventilation in severe cases and are linked to machines to oxygenate the blood.

But all this concern is palliative, because there is no cure or vaccine for infection from this virus, and the death rate can reach 35% to 50%.

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