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Guaido urges officials to use a "rebellion symbol"

April 25, 2019 09:12
Updated on April 25, 2019 22:04

Interim President Juan Guaido on Thursday urged officials to attend their jobs with a "symbol of insurgency," which he identifies with the interruption of usurpation, in the part of the path desired by the parliament aimed at holding free elections

"We call on you to go to their jobs with a symbol of insurrection, to save the country and stand on the side of the Constitution: a leaf, a simple leaf that identifies it with an interruption of usurpation and who does not recognize any usurped authority," Guaido said in a video – broadcasting social networks.

The President of the National Assembly also emphasized that Nicholas Maduro uses these officers "as a charger for their rallies while they suffer humiliation" and that their commitment should be in the service of "a government that is on their side and will fights for depoliticising the citizen's service ".

He remembered Law on Guarantees for Public Servants, which was approved by the National Assembly in the first discussion on 2 April. This legal instrument aims to protect officials and workers who contribute to the return of democracy. In addition, this will allow the return of workers who have been persecuted or dismissed due to their contribution.

Guaido repeated in an audiovisual invitation to the demonstration, called on May Day, to "exalt the public worker and work in Venezuela".

"We will not ask them to carry a flannel, and even less to foster a political model (…) We want your voice to be heard," he said.

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