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George RR Martin was referring to the "Game of Thrones" as a short story

History of Game of Thrones surprised the world through all the victories and defeats of his characters; however the writer George RR Martin he did not imagine that there would be several deliveries, but, on the contrary, he imagined his story as a short story.

In an interview with The Guardian, the writer said that when the first chapter of the Game of Thrones I did not know "what the hell I had, I thought it could be a short story," but then began to explore families and his world began to come alive.

The author, who studied journalism at a university in Illinois, remembered his fascination when he first read it J.R.R. Tolkien, whose work made him try to prove epic fantasy.

He evoked that there was time in the history of epic fantasy with very terrible imitations of the author The Lord of the Rings. "I did not have to love to associate with those books, which seemed to imitate Tolkien's worst things and do not capture any of the great things."

R.R. Martin considered many authors of contemporary fantasies to write in the shadow of Tolkien, "but there was no way to catch his voice, which is unique and unique," he insisted on the differences with the classical writer.

For the book that his followers expect, the author said it Winds of winter It's a very challenging thing.

A few days ago he went for sale Fire and blood, a book that tells about the background Song for ice and fire.


The book is about 300 years before the "Song of Ice and Fire"

The new book by George RR is on sale. MartinThe new book by George RR is on sale. Martin


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