Sunday , July 25 2021

Gary Sanchez hit his first homer with Bath Flip in LIDOM

Dominican of the New York Yankees, Gary Sanchez , for the first time Homework in Dominican League – Winter Ball.

Although for many people who do not know baseball, Sanchez He breaks the unwritten rules due to the 3-0 count, however his team was reduced by three rides on the scoreboard.

Obviously the unwritten rules do not apply when your team loses, much less when there are not many races.

Gary Sanchez took advantage of a bit of a quick tackle from Alexis Candelario, who ended up regretting throwing the pitch at a major league player in Dominican League.

Sanchez his Homework in LIDOM, throwing the baton in a chaotic and exciting way, but not much for his opponents,

Here is the video:

Without a doubt Gary Sanchez starts on the right foot in Dominican League, already has three RBIs with two hits and one Homework only in his first two matches in LIDOM.

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