Saturday , April 17 2021

Fraud ended with a tragedy

Jennifer Orosco THE PRESIDENT OF Lara.- On Dr. Zuliana Angelin Isabelle Romero Gerra (26), she was killed by band "Los International" on April 16 this year after negotiations with dollars. But she was not the only victim aka "Kike", the leader of the bullies. Dubin Dario Arriechi Rodríguez (26), He traveled from Barquisimeto to Maracaibo to look for one dollar that he had already paid for and killed him with a candle as well as a surgeon.

As stated Mario Pacheco, director of Cicpc ZuliaAngelin, under a false excuse, was transferred to a building located in Avenue San Francisco where she was beaten, tortured, tied up, and later in a forest area, even burned with life.

In the past days, Dubin was killed with the same way of working. "He was quoted by criminals at the southern Mall of Mola Maracaibo and also under the guise of making delivery of several dollars it was taken to him housing and was burnt"This crime was on April 11, and no media in the state of Zulia reported the murders of Larens.

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