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Four journalists were detained in Miraflores, two of them of Chilean nationality were deported

30-01-19. – Security forces detained four journalists, two of them of Chilean nationality, near the presidential palace Miraflores, the seat of the Venezuelan Executive Director, as previously announced by the National Union of Workers de la Prensa (SNTP), the agency said. Efe.

According to the SNTP, Chileans Rodrigo Perez and Gonzalo Barahona, and TVN television, were detained together with Venezuelan journalists Mikeer Jiriart and Anna Rodriguez, from the VPI internet channel, for no reason known.

Journalists are believed to have covered the vengeance in defense of the ruling Nicolas Maduro, who was called last week from the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUW), and it was not answered.

The arrest took place on Tuesday around 10 pm, and after 8 am, Jiriart and Rodriguez were released.

Chilean TVN journalists were taken to Simon Bolivar International Airport in Maiticketia in a deportation process carried out by the Nicolas Maduro administration, the SNTP reported.

"They treat us as criminals"
After his release, Mikeer Jiryart said they were traveling through the Urdaneta avenue, as Chilean journalists wanted to see how it was in the center of Caracas during the night.

"When they arrested us, we could see that people who were in vigils complained that they had not received the transport promised to them," he said.

In that sense, he said that they were treated as criminals: "Each of us put in one corner, without being able to talk to each other."

"When they arrested us, they told us that the chief investigator must reveal the tendency of the media we are working on. They also sent me to put my phone in an airplane mode, they took it from me, put it in an envelope and it they took it to the office, "he said while explaining that they are photographing themselves standing on the wall" as criminals. I do not know what it was, but we could not resist it. "

Other arrests
Last Friday, Brazilian journalist Rodrigo Lopez was detained for several hours near the Miraflores palace, while Venezuelan Osmar Hernandez, a CNN correspondent and Beatrice Adrian of Kara-Carcasson Columbia, were imprisoned near the country's Intelligence Agency's headquarters 13th.

The International Journalist Association (SIP) announced on Monday that these arrests were the "offensive practice" by Nicolas Maduro's government to "intimidate and restrict the circulation of independent information".

Since the end of last year, Venezuelan journalist Jesus Medina and independent German documentary producer Billy Six were detained in prisons across the country.

According to a report by Ipis Venezuela, between January 23rd and 24th, "censorship of foreign channels, information on caution in the press, television silence, limitation of radio and internet blockades" is observed.

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