Sunday , October 24 2021

Five WhatsApp functions that help you get the most out of it


We show five WhatsApp functions that will help you get the most out of your most-used messaging application around the world.

Because Facebook, the current owner of WhatsApp, has updated the application, the features of the communication network have diversified. Customizing conversations, highlighting messages and disabling or activating automatic downloads are just some of them:

Manage contacts
To improve interaction, the application offers several alternatives to customize, prioritize and view contact activity.

To verify with which contacts you have more interaction by exchanging text messages, photos or videos, simply go to "Settings" and select "use of space". The ordered list of contacts will be displayed depending on the number of exchanged data, which will be detailed after selecting the contact.

You can also customize how you're notified of activity in each conversation using "personalized notifications." This option allows you to modify tone, light and vibration. AGENCJA / ET

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