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Fire Emblem: Three Houses currently in version 1.1.0 are currently available –

Tras la lgada de la tercera ronda de contiido adicional, a hemos podido conocer que Fire Emblem: Three Houses that ha actualizado a la version 1.1.0 con novedades para todos los jugadores, no solos los usuarios del expanse.

Lo cierto es que hay algunas novedades destacadas, las cuales os dejamos al completo a continuación:

  • New features and actual features:
    • Note: The archive of the guard archives is 5 to 25. Note: The archive of the guard archives can be downloaded at approximately 12 MB of additional memory in the system memory. As they have no espionage efficacy, they are eliminated by using data from the guardadas en el album.
    • As one of the few options available, in the bathtub, in the options available, allowing the south to select the monastery in front of the batala.
      • Note: Puedes are configured to be used in unified settings.
      • Note: Depending on the combination of characters / characters / classes, algunos place no reflection before any unicorn constants.
    • The characteristic that permits one of the southerners to IU Cuando is a person in the unidad apparatus.
    • Señadieron nuevos aliados que se unirán en la Parte 2 del juego.
    • Cambodia can be used to reproduce in the aperture version of the core version of the idiom of the system that is configured in Korean.
    • Señadieron ad missiones y nuevos attuendes (atuendo de sirvientes, ropa de verano and rope de noche) del expanse.
      • Grade: Adult casual missions include new activities, sauna access, alert lounges and reclining baths.
      • Nota: Las misiones adicionales est marcadas con un icono azul claro durante la Exploración.
      • Score: The proportion of nuevos attributes (vestimenta de sirvientes, ropa de verano and ropa de noche) para el protagonista y los personable jugables. Selective route to travel to the monastery.
    • As a supplementary element to the expansion phase, it is unlikely that Anna is available for recourse to the monastery sought by the capitulation.
      • Grade: Anna puede participle en batallas y actividades.
      • Grade: Anna no tiene apoyo.
      • Nota: Al reclutar a Anna, desbloquea nuevo diologo desperado de capitulo.
      • Note: It is possible to book Anna's travel through the country, if you do not have recourse to travel to the men who have the expense.
      • Nota: As a southerner, there is no expansive phase, only one of the most expansive ones on the expansive phase is on a visit through commerce.
    • To be able to see the lenses and visors of a durable visor, the cargo pants and pants are calendered in line with lenses.
  • General:
    • To correct an error that accidentally converts any of the protagonists into aliados in El Capítulo 1.
    • To correct an error in Ver.1.0.2 that caused a reproduction of one of the inventions in Chapter 1, the idiom is configured in English.
    • That corrupts an error that caused Dimitri's car to overwrite the sample incorrectamente.
    • To correct an error impeded by the occurrence of a conversation that may have been performed without the help of an object in the level of the monastery's explorers.
    • That there was an error in not sampling the flea hacia arriba durante at the Festival del Coro (as in the case of reconnaissance, at the cost of fleas).
    • That there was an error in sampling one of the pouches of the stage incorrectly and only durably in the pants transitions.
    • That correlates an error that causes the queue to congregate in the hablar with a monastery persona in rare instances.
    • That a bug that is incorrectly sampled in the PS results in the selection of a batsman in the batalla.
    • To correct an error that is caused by the activation of the audio inferior format in the preview before the aperture levels.
    • That cambió el objeto que sostiene el francotirador de lanza a arco de plata in the final episode of la Parte 2 en el modo de mayor dificultad.
    • That corrupts an error that only causes epilogue blanco.
    • Se algón texto texto.
    • Jugabilidad mejorada al abordar algunos errores adicionales.

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