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Find out! This is a set of money that Netflix won in 2019


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(Caracas, April 16, News24) .- Multinational Netflix announced on Tuesday so far this year in 2019 has earned a profit of 344 million dollars, 18% more than 290 million won during the first three months of 2018, and added 9.6 million new users worldwide.

The company's shareholders based in Los Gatos (California, USA) received between $ 0.76 per mil. From March and March, compared with 0.64 realized in the same period of the previous year.

In terms of revenue, Netflix bills $ 4.520 million in the first quarter of this year, significantly over 3,700 applications between January and March 2018.

The gross operating result of the digital content platform over the past three months amounted to 459 million, while the company slightly lowered its long-term debt of 10,360 million, closing its fiscal year 2018 to 10,305 today. .

As for the number of subscribers, Netflix added 9.6 million new users worldwide, of which 1.74 million in the United States., which puts the total number of paid subscribers of 148,863 million worldwide (60,229 million of them in the US).

This was the first time a US company presented its accounts of the Oscar gala celebration in February last year, in which the film "Roma" by Mexican Alfonso Cuaron, distributed through his platform, won three statuettes, including the best director and best film does not speak English.

The results presented on Tuesday by Los Gatos did not convince investors to Wall Street and the company's shares fell 1.03% to $ 355.74 per share in electronic operations after the closure of the distribution centers in New York.

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