Monday , June 21 2021

Fernando Carriot responds to criticism from his followers and revolutionizes the network (+ video)

Photo: Instagram

(Caracas, November 19, News24) .- Venezuela Fernando Carrillo has generated a lot of controversy through social networks, due to some of the photos she posted on the web, where she leaves very little fantasy.

For images, most of its followers and Instagram users call it "gay" and "old" every day.

The actor offered an interview a few days ago communication from Mexico, which does not care to label it that way.

"When the" married "tells me he's gay, he does not insult me, I love the gay community. Honestly, frankly, the king of the gay community."

On several occasions the followers of Carrillo commented his photographs "that it is too old for grace," the question asked, the actor replied: "How can I be offended? When does old age start? I feel better physically and mentally than at the age of 20 ".

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