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Felipe Vázquez permanecerá preso por el caso de pedofilia

Tuvo a traductor durante los procedimientos judiciales.

The Venetian Lanzador, Felipe Vázquez, of the Pittsburgh Pirates, was permanently deported sexual harassment at a rate of 13 a year, while a juvenile in Pennsylvania was denied libertad bail bonds. .

At 28 o'clock, no single traductor will prosecute the judicial proceedings against the Westmoreland Charles Moore District in Mount Pleasant.

Vazquez has a 5-1 balance with a promotion of 1.65 career limpias and 28 MLB los colocos under the administrative license of the semana after being arrested for sexual assault of a single man.

This is a case of sexual aggression, illegal contact with a man, corruption of men and aggression indiscriminate to a person of 16 years but only reported in a car in August 2017.

There was a criminal complaint, last night, about 16 days, with the police reporting that they were driving in an automobile and that they were carrying trousers and a trunk of sexually explicit information.

The police said that Vázquez had witnessed the incident after the police detained him in front of a Florida police station for respecting a sexual photography exploration and a video that would have exposed him to a median of a mobile phone.

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