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Exercise expertise for the body of the child

20 November 2018 01:15

In the Monte Monte mortuary they practiced expert knowledge of the body of the child, whose age ranged between 3 and 6 years old, which was teeth and burned inside the container located in the sector of La Kubana, Gramoven, Katya, Parish Sucre, the municipality of Libertador, Sunday morning.

Due to the state of the body's presentation, pathologists practiced anthropological and DNA expertise to identify it, to which the information brought by their relatives was added.

A commission of the Investigation Unit for the murders of the court police arrived at the site to initiate investigations and raise a body that, presumably, was sprayed with fuel, found that the trash container was a place to release the body. There were no traces of fire or smoke in the container.

When the CICPC commission arrived in the La Cubana sector on Sunday, it stopped for a man who came to the scene and asked for a child for whom it had disappeared for 24 hours. The individual indicated that the juvenile found in the garbage can have similar characteristics to the one he was looking for. The man was arrested for investigation and interrogation.

Once the victim has been fully identified, investigators will interview relatives of the juvenile in order to know if they face problems with a person and if a family member is jeopardized. The case has the characteristics of possible retaliation; however, other hypotheses are not excluded.

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