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Everything you can know about Copa Libertadores: its special format and who will represent Argentina

From this Sunday to December 2 will be held Libertadores Cup for women The city will be the place of the event Manaus, Brazil. There, all champions of the continent will meet to determine the best team in America in 2018. Argentina will be represented by UAI Urquiza, the last winner of the AFA tournament, which will also be the hero of the first match.

Copa Libertadores feminine ma the format is very different from the male version. The whole tournament takes place in two cities in two weeks and only twelve teams play: ten current champions of the Federation, which form Conmebol, to which the last winner of the Cup (Audax Brazil) and guest of the host country (Iranduba, also from Brazil) are added. That's why in this issue the place will have a distinction between three participants.

There will be two scenarios: Amazonian Arena, built especially for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, with a capacity of 50,000 spectators, and Ismaela Benigno Stadium (better known as Estadio da Colina)which has 10,000 locations.

The initial phase will consist of three groups of four teams eachIn A will be Audax (Brazil), Spanish Union (Ecuador), Atlético Huila (Colombia) and Peñarol (Uruguay), B will be integrated by Colo Colo (Chile), Santos (Brazil), Sport Girls (Peru) and Deportivo Ita (Bolivia), while with C they will participate UAI Urquiza (Argentina) -head series-, Cerro Porteño (Paraguay), Flor de Patria (Venezuela) e Iranduba (Brazil).

The the first three in each group and the best from the second group will qualify for the semi-final of the tournamentOn the one hand, they will face the leader A and C, and on the other with the leader B with escort. Two teams will come from these crosses to go for the title and glory. The losers are measured in third place.

The first female Copa Libertadores organized by Conmebol took place in 2009. So far, nine editions have been published Broad advantage of Brazilian teams – the strongest in the region – who won the seven-time title (Santos 2009 and 2010, San José 2011, 2013 and 2014, Ferroviaria 2015 and Audax 2017). Hits got Colo Colo from Chile in 2012 and Sportivo Limpeño from Paraguay in 2016.

In addition to the participation of UAI Uquiza, other Argentineans will take part in the competition Aldana Cometti, Eliana Stábile – Both players of Argentina – Lucia Martelli and Fabiana Vallejoseveryone at Atlético Huila.

UAI Urquiza, national representatives who dream about pothole

Neither the Argentinian team has ever won the Copa Libertadores. The best results were three thirds place: Boca Juniors (2010), UAI Urquiza (2015) and River Plate (2017).

"El Furgon" from Villa Lynch will be the country's representative in this edition for dedicating himself to the AFA First Division in the 2017-2018 season. In addition, he will have the honor to play in the inaugural duel this Sunday, from 18, against Cerro Porteño at the Arena Amazonia. The live broadcast will take place via the official Facebook page of Conmebol.

This will be third participation of "Las Guerreras" in CopaIn 2015, they took the third place, while in 2016 they were eliminated in the first phase.

"Expectations are always good. We are excited because we know we have a campus to strengthen someone. But this is a separate tournament: they are the best on the continent and it is not the same as the AFA tournament. We are excited, but we do not want to rush. It's very complicated: you lose the game in the group stage and you already have one leg out of the cup, we believe that we will play a good role, that's what we strive for, "he said. Macarena Sánchez, UAI Urquiza player, a Infobae.

The rivals who will be in Group C, santafesina predicted that "it would be nice, but quite difficult."

"We are from Irandubawhich is local and which always weighs. It's a Brazilian team, they are always complicated, they play very well and have a lot of body. also they brought a lot of meals from their Selectionso it will be a difficult team. WITH Flower of the Fatherland we do not know too much, just this they try to play well, down. Cerro Porteño is an experienced team that plays a lot with the other ball and this one he has a strong weapon, which is a stopped ball"analyzed Sánchez.

The carrier considered it high temperatures Manaus they will be a factor that will affect the teams' results: "It's only two weeks, a short tournament in time and very difficult matches. It is very hot and recovery is difficult"

Another adversity that UAI Urquiza will have to deal with will be the fact that it happened Seven players from his team influenced the representation of Argentina in recent days. Laurina Oliveros, Adriana Sachs, Milagros Otazú, Miriam Mayorga, Belén Potassa, Marian Larroquette and Milagros Menéndez qualified for the 2019 World Cup in France with the team "Albiceleste" in Panama to draw 1-1 with the home team (after winning 4-0 on the way to Buenos Aires) and I did A vast and tiring passage to Brazil.

Sanchez described as a "dream" the fact that he is able to play in the most important club tournament on the continent.

"It's great to be able to live with this club and this group, which is amazing, I have the same feelings as in the first one: I am very happy and I enjoy it fully "- said the footballer who will play his third Copa Libertadores in the" Furgon "letter.

After playing in the inaugural duel, UAI Urquiza will play again Wednesday, November 21at 18 in the Amazonia Arena before Flor de Patria, and will end in the group stage Saturday 24, also at the age of 18, against Iranduba, at the Colina stadium.

"Las Guerreras", directed by: Germán Portanova, they will search title that lacks Argentine football. They trust the hierarchy of their branch and the group's relationship to deal a big blow and raise the cup on December 2.

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