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El Javo part 8: What did your actors do before being part of the Hesperito neighborhood? Answers

El Chavo part 8 It is one of the most successful television series in Mexico. The production has gained international fame since its launch in 1971. And that was no less, as each chapter featured many smiles and laughter at home.

Because their characters, each with a different personality, showed us their everyday experiences, they came to steal the hearts of the viewers they had seen and certainly continue to watch today.

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But before reaching such popularity, the actors who gave life to the characters of the desired neighborhood were engaged in other activities in their real life, do you want to know which? Then you will say everything.

El Xavo part 8 was an internationally recognized comedy series. (Photo: Television)
El Xavo part 8 was an internationally recognized comedy series. (Photo: Television)


Carlos Viagra I worked as a graphic reporter for the newspaper El Geraldo de Mexico, in 1967. Before he was part of the neighborhood, he covered the 1968 Olympics in Mexico. Although he did his job very well, he thought that was not his thing, and taking advantage of the credentials of his press photographer, he began to frequent opportunities. of the Mexican Telescope.

"Before the 1968 Olympics, I was given the opportunity to be a newspaper photographer and with the credentials I had access to television channels. There he sought work because he wanted to be funny. In fact, I wanted to be a professional footballer and also a comedian, but they gave me a second because the other one was very closed. "He said in an interview.

That was the thing Upon learning that Roberto Gomez Bolanos needed an actor to play a child, he did not miss the opportunity to demonstrate his acting abilities. “At the time, the suits were leased to the company. So I went there and found the sailor suit and grains. I pulled my hair through the hole in the bean and made it like little horns. I met Cespirito and said: Do Do you want me to talk to you as a child or to talk to you? [con la característica voz de Kiko]? & # 39; And he replied, "So, with the cheeks." And that's how Quiko was born. ".


In his youth, Ramon Valdes started playing as an extra film amidst the striking golden age of Mexican cinema from the 40s and 50s, thanks to the support of his brother, the renowned actor Tin Tan. His first appearance on the screen was with the film Kalabacitas Tender (1948), then starred in more than 70 films, several of which he worked with with Cantinflas and his celebrated brother Yerman Tin Tan Waldes.

It wasn't until when 1970 when Roberto Gomez Bolanos paid attention to him and invited him to his team for a program called "Supergroups of the Square Mass", his role was Engineer Ramin Valdes. This meant his debut on the small screen.

A year later, in 1971, he imagined his life-changing role: Don Ramon. They say that on the day he proposed to be the father of "Cindrina", Cespirito gave him only one indication: "Be alone."


Artist, Mary Antoinette on the Snow He started at the age of 3 when he entered the ballet academy, due to his commitment to enter the renowned school of Andres Soler de la Anda at the age of 6, where he met actresses Carmen Montejo and Mrs. Prudensia Grifel, who realized the skills of the girl got her first job in the art medium. That's how his career began.

Until For 13 years he was a professional in the field of Dublin and was responsible for doubling the voices of great television characters such as Merlina in Ed Crazy Adams, Eddie in the Monster Monster Family, Baticica in Batman, and Invisible Woman in the fantastic Four Seasons. He then participated in "Lamb and Bear" programs, but before that participated in the so-called "Love Scam" and "La Leona" soaps in 1961.

Then, in that program, she met Fortune's Saturday program producer Eduardo Alatoro, who invited her to replace one of the lead actresses who sketched a program that Chespirito accidentally wrote, coming to star in Mokoca Pecoca but Baboca, because of the good role she played, she was hired. He started working with Cespirito when he was 18 years old, in the projects of "Citizen Gomez" and "Supergenes on the Square".


Florida Mesa studied drama and worked as a commercial television model, besides working in various trades, such as the secretary for the resolution of their studies.

When He performed the sketches of "La Media Orange" and "La Chizmoza" surprised Roberto Gomez Bolanos, which invited her to be part of the 1969 "Square Mass Supergene" program.

Most famous for playing Mrs. Florinda and Census in the El Como part 8 television comedy, Chindida in La Chichara, Himoltrufia in Los Kavitos and Dolja Maria Expertitacin del Macho, La Vecchina in Los Cifladitos by the Hesperito program, aired in the 1970s and 1970s the years with Roberto Gomez Bolanos and an excellent actor.


It was Ruben Aguirre bull chronicler and radio announcer from 1962 to 1970. This year last year, he broadcast via satellite, bullfighting from the monumental Plaza de las Ventas in Madrid to Mexico; After that, Cuban producer Sergio Pena discovers and helps him move to Mexico City, where they work together as a program driver for a children's club called the Millionaires Club.

Also in 1970 made a television show starring him Hearing Club, along with Carlos Viagra's "Pyrrolo" and Maria Antonietta de las Nieves.

Because of his work, he manages to get in touch with Gomez Bolanos, who gives him a very important role in a project which started on television: "El Ciudadano Gomez", and then with Hesperito himself, he worked on the "Hespirote" program and from there he moved on to another great project "Quadrilateral Mass Supergeneity". His character in that program was called "Ruben Aguirirafales" or "Professor irirafales".


Gardgar Vivar he studied medicine and on his undergraduate internship he did it in hospital. Since he had to fulfill certain credits in the artistic field, not finding places available in some branches that interested him, he followed the theater because that was the only option he left. Although he didn't like him much at first, as time went on, he was more encouraged by the tables and received some compliments. Young man a talent scout saw him and suggested he take part in a television ad He accepted. After that there was more.

Gomez Bolanos's first contact was when he received a phone call from him saying he needed a project. The one who gave him the number was Nacho Brambila, who worked with Vivar in some commercials.

The meeting in person at the same recording studio made Edgar wake up to his passion for theater, which his grandfather embedded in him. So how do you decide to stay with Cespirito.


Angel Fernández was born in Spain, but as a youth he worked with guerrillas fighting the then General Francisco Franco, who took over after the Spanish civil war ended in 1939, emigrating to Mexico when he thought his life was in danger.

In the Aztec country originally worked in tele-cameras, invited by compatriot Angel Garasa and was a XEW radio actress. Worked in films with Cantinflas and Arturo de Cardova during the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema.

His entry into the El Javo part 8 program was due to the fact that his friend Ramon Valdes talked to Roberto Gomez, with whom he had a long-standing friendship and spoke very well with Angels. When the neighborhood begins to form, Cespirito contacts her to interpret Don Ramon's colleague.


Raoul & # 39; Chateau & # 39; Padillaa began working in the theater on September 3, 1923, the day after Ramon Valdes was born, with whom he starred in a Jesper film project, the 1978 film El Hanfle. Previously, he worked with Carlos Viagra, Quico, in a 1968 play.

In 1975 Padillaa worked with famous comedian Mario Moreno on "Cantinflas" In the movie "The Minister and I," where he played the role of El Licentiado, a high-profile, fierce and hideous public official who did not do well with Cantinflas.

He later worked in television and cinema in the 1960s and '90s. The core of his career covered television, comics and soaps, working for more than fifteen years in episodes of the Cespirito program. That's how he started working with Roberto Gomez Bolanos in 1978.



The actor, Ruben Aguir, recalled his role as "Professor Irirafales" died in 2016, suffering from debts left by his wife's medical treatment after suffering a car accident.

The actor also suffered from diabetes, lost leg mobility and was wheelchair-bound.


Following his resignation in "The guy from 8"in 1978 to bring the image of Quico alone, Carlos Viagra did not achieve the success it achieved Hesperito.

He directed, wrote and mimicked situations and stories as views in "The guy from 8"An example of this is the programs he produced: Federico in Venezuela and Ah Qui Kico! In Mexico in the early Eighties. However, more than the fame of the year, what he achieved was a legal problem Roberto Gomez Bolayos it will remain until the year of his death in 2014.


According to some cast members of "The guy from 8", Ramin Valdes I had problems with Florida Mesa, who by the end of the 1970s not only acted, but was also in charge of the artistic direction of the program.

Troubled by Mesa, Valdes decided to abandon the program convinced by Carlos Viagra, who recently dropped out of the program, in a bad sense with Roberto Gomez Bolanos.

After a short stay in Venezuela, Ramin Valdes He decided to go back to work with Cespirito, but stomach cancer he suffered ended his life on August 8, 1988. The actor was 64 years old.

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