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'eFootball PES 2020', the latest Konami football game, available on iOS and Android with native speakers and laptops

Designed for 'Pro Evolution Soccer 2019' a mobile platform to be released in December 2018, Konami 'eFootball PES 2020', la nueva version of juego que llega con muchas novedades. As of January 'PES 2019' no tenders yet, for the 'PES 2020' list only one actualization of 'PES 2019'. Just be sure to update the app from the Google Play Store on the App Store and on the go.

'PES 2020' license incluir nuevos regates, nuevas licenses de clubes europeos y por an apostar por los partidos online. También se han incluido nuevas legendas, cómo no, is a juego completamente gratuito that the median microtransacciones finances. Repasemos todo lo que ha nuevo.

Llega el FC Barcelona, ​​entre otros clubes

Look for 'PES 2020' that is popular in European clubs that are available in the official 'Pro Evolution Soccer' colors. Konami ha añadido al Football Club Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, FC Bayern Munich and Juventus, this is an equipoise that is exclusively available in PES. With the licenses of J. League clubs, see the various clubs of Serie A TIM and Serie BKT.

But otro lado, 'PES 2020' introduce el "regate en una baldosa", a technique that is siren before escalating the rivals into a red espionage. It is said that Konami has regretted any sort of collusion with Andrés Iniesta, antagonist of Barça and current centrocampista in El Vissel Kobe. manejo del balón y se ha aadido el sistema "Inspirar", to permit the algunos of the south to have a compass and modify their comportment.

PES 2020 per day with local amusement parks and public toilets en modo online

In a relative sense, the 'PES 2020' has different modes of play. Se podrá jugar en local con un amigo quod nosotros o jugar online with todo el mundo persons, as such participates in eventual competitiveness but of limited scope. Adama, with a superb position, is accredited exclusively by comedians like Beckham, Zico and Toti, as far as Maradona, Batistuta and Kahn.

Como decíamos, 'PES 2020' is available for download in all forms of Google Play and App Store. As of PES 2019, just try to get the current available stock. No to preocupes but el progressed, that was the guardado. As no juggernauts and queries are available to download, it has 1.6 GB of full downloads. They have microphones but the value is 1.09 euros and 109.99 euros.

eFootball PES 2020

eFootball PES 2020

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