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Dollar today today October 31, current exchange rate

Mexico City Today Thursday October 31, 2019 the dollar is quoted in $19.12 pesos, according to the investment platform.com. Yesterday the Mexican peso had a slight decline, motivated by reports of a sluggish growth of the Mexican economy; although on the same day it tended to recover after knowing the interest rate cut decision announced by the Federal Reserve from the United States.

As far as exchange rate for the dollar today Thursday 31 October in Mexico City International Airport, this is an average of $ 18.40 for a purchase of $ 19.42 for a sale.

Dollar today $ 25 today, current rate | Photo: My pocket

Dollar today Thursday 31 October, current exchange rate Photo: My pocket

With respect to exchange rates in different country banks, as reported by various financial institutions, the dollar reaches its highest sales level of $ 19.70 at Monex, while the lowest purchase is $ 17.80 Bank Aztec.

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About the euro, this is quoted in pesos of $ 21.33, for pesos of $ 24.79 pound pound, in principle, average.

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