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The price of the dollar in Venezuela fell this Wednesday after the regime of Nicolas Maduro announced a series of economic measures aimed at easing the appreciation of the green market, a day after the exchange rate will be located for one million bolivars sovereign.

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On exchange rate 975,013.78 sovereign bolivars were traded today, a decrease of 3.61% compared to 1,010,242.78 units in the previous session, according to the portal Dollar Today.

The regime announced in the early hours of Wednesday morning a set of measures it hopes will revive the national currency, the bolivar, after devaluing nearly 80% against the US dollar in the last four weeks.

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Nicolas Maduro “has decided on a set of activities to protect the people and strengthen the use of our national currency, against exchange speculators,” Delsi Rodriguez said on Twitter

Among those decisions, he explained, is the expansion of the daily allowances for bank transfers through digital platforms, which currently stand at around 100 million bolivars, about $ 100 according to the official quote.

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“The limits of these electronic transactions will be constantly updated so that those who have resources in bolivars can easily use them,” said the vice president, noting that these measures will be implemented by the Banking Supervision (Sudeban).

Although it is not yet known how much the daily limits will be increased, Rodriguez said the increase would be “significant”.

Sudeban will also increase the limits of daily debit card payments, “in order to encourage the use of the bolivar”, although no change in bank credit is envisaged, a sector virtually dead under the provisions of the Executive.

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