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Discover! Kim Kardashian speaks of her famous sexual record

The first time the world heard of Kim Kardashian, as a friend and assistant to Paris Hilton, returned in 2003, when an intimate video from her that she recorded with her boyfriend Ray J. was published. much about that movie and its filtering, which many attributed to the deliberate maneuver by Chris Jenner – the cleric of the mediatist clan that guides the star – to remove from the shadow of the rich blonde successors, but now her own protagonist is taking herself to offer herself new details about how the idea of ​​shooting came.

In short, it was one of the two terrible decisions he made throughout his life after consuming a very specific remedy that, after learning the lesson, did not touch again.

"I got married with ecstasy, it was the first time: I took ecstasy and ended up getting married, I took it again and made a sexual video. It's like something awful that could happen to me happened when I got it," the celebrity reveals in the last episode of family reality – his favorite place to make such acknowledgments – during a conversation with his former son-in-law, Scott Diski and his sister. Kendal Jenner for her wild past and her first and short marriage with producer Damon Thomas.

"Everyone knows that," he added, remarking the surprised face of both. "The fork does not stop trembling during the whole recording".

The reaction of both Kendal and Scott will be explained in part because every time someone tries to call this malicious video to discredit Kim Kardashian or criticize their pioneering status of a celebrity type "known by the very fact that it is known individuals, "she usually defends herself by claiming that one mistake should not be defined forever and that today she has become a good example for new generations, as an independent entrepreneur and a family woman who does not use drugs. it's hard to imagine why – and barely drink.

However, this does not mean that she does not know how to leave her hair once longer if the desire deserves it, as explained in a separate interview during the same chapter of "Keeping Kardashians": "The truth is Kendal has no idea, but the truth is that I have gone through a very rebellious stage in the last years of adolescence. I am not, but I do not confuse myself, I still know how to have fun and I am always the soul of the party. "

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