Monday , March 8 2021

Diomed Diaz’s son almost lost his marriage because of the drink

In an interview with “I know everything”, the artist also admitted that episode of his life in which he had a hard time with his wife because of the parties and alcohol.

Diomedes Dionysio began by saying that it is common to exist disorder when he is “with friends, at meetings, at parties and drinks there and drinks here”.

A few months ago, before the pandemic, when the carnival on the Caribbean coast was ending, he had one of those parties at the house of a “compard” and fell asleep there. This is how his story continued:

“When I got up it was very late and I felt a little dizzy. It was irresponsible of me to take the car key and go home… But because you women are being bullied, my wife may have thought it was crazy, where I stayed to sleep and it was a mess; almost divorce and everything. “

The singer, who went through a difficult economic time due to the pandemic, admitted that he made mistakes because “We live like meat, rubbing it, making it and falling apart”, he confirmed, though he did not say it was with women; however, he did admit that he asked for forgiveness when that happened: “If they do not forgive me, I am still calm.”

He told the entertainment program that with “romantic valenico” and flowers he managed to calm down with his wife, while singing: “It does not happen again, forgive me …”.

Here are some pictures of the couple, who have three daughters:

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