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Dementia can be prevented: WHO

The organization issues its recommendations

Dementia, a disease that presents itself as worsening of cognitive functions (such as memory or ability to concentrate), is one of the mental health conditions most affecting them The World Health Organization (WHO).

Previous the growth of cases of dementia in the world; in one year they registered 10 million new cases, WHO seeks to create awareness in need of maintenance a good way of life which prevents the onset of this disease in more people.

"What is good for the heart is good for the brain"Declares Tedros Adhan Gebries, Director General of WHO, before declaring that they are in the world 50 million people who suffer from this disorder; which will increase in thirty years.

He thinks the governments of the world they need to invest not just in research in order to find a cure, but also in preventing and reducing the risk.


Among his recommendations, WHO proposes at least six points to consider: lfor physical activity, quit smoking, dietary changes, alcohol, cognitive training and social activity (such as mental exercises: soups, sudoku, among others): weight control and blood pressure.

Finally, remember this maintains good mental health generates self-satisfied, productive people who contribute to the communityThey also overcome the everyday problems of life.

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