Wednesday , September 22 2021

Daniela Elvarez: The right foot will no longer work (+ video)

“The examination showed a very delicate injury from the knee down, and the tibia and fibula nerve were completely damaged,” the model said.

Colombian model Daniela Elvarez is still stronger than ever, trying to overcome the obstacles that life has set. The influencer also had part of her left leg amputated a few months ago.

He commented on social media that an electromyography was performed a few days ago and he had to wait six months after the ischemia to find out what to expect from his right leg.

“My right leg was not functional and the doctors told me that I could recover with therapies and electricity. “However, the examination showed a very delicate injury from the knee down, and the nerve of the tibia and fibula were completely damaged and it will be difficult for me to move my leg,” he said.

He also said that he told his mother the news because he had high hopes that he would be able to change this situation, but with the endurance that characterizes her, he reiterated that he hopes to go ahead and look for alternatives.

“News like this does not make it so difficult for you. I expected at least 80% of my recovery. “I accept the will of God and I hope to jog and dance again,” he said.

She assured that she will continue her rehabilitation process together with the people who do their best every day to help her.

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