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Corpoelec reduces costs by 60% to more than 50%

Según elngel Navas, president of the Venezuelan Federation of Trabajadores Electros (Fetraelec), the Corporation of Venezuela Electric (Corpoelec) has an internal crisis that has severely impacted the electricity supply.

The acoustic converter has been offered, with the offer of electricity being reduced from December 2014, to an estimated 18,000 megawatts at just 8,000 to 9,000 in actual capacity, but in an adventurous condition, but it is not advisable to register the instantaneous and acometer inversiones urgent to impose that the producer nuevos national apagones.

Depressed by the economic downturn, which reduces energy consumption by more than 50%, the situation tends to have a calorific deficit in electricity, with more than 60% of the territory's current conditionality. nacional presenta fallas recurrentes del fluido eléctrico.

But, as Navas advised that the economic situation of the tropical electricity market is insurmountable, but the Federal Reserve did not have a national cronogram for negotiation before negotiating a new collective agreement just to compensate for the excess. .

Extraoficialmente, traditions of the Administration of the United States are traded in the form of dollarization, which is summarized in the electricity sector. Banca y Negocios.

The Navas segment, with a population of 42,000 trabecuadres to the Corpoelec region, only had to consolidate the electricity sector in 2007, with 25,000, of which 2,000 were suspended, but no censorship of economic recourses was expected. labor, clients that la empresa lo que ha hecho es sancionarlos de illegal manera.

The unidirectional syndrome of insistence on the situation of the womb, which exists irreversible infraestructure in various thermoelectric plants, such as the Planta Centro casino; no obstacle, Angel Navas is destined to debunk a robotic system that has just begun to squeeze a sum of money into it, debunking a number of deficits.

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