Monday , August 2 2021

Chinese scientists discovered a strange wing dinosaur

Chinese scientists have discovered the remains of a strange dinosaur-like dinosaur with membranous wings, showing a strange but unsuccessful attempt to fly into the evolution process from a dinosaur to a bird.

The fossil, in good condition of conservation, was discovered in Liaoning Province, in northeastern China, dating back to about 163 million years. It belongs to the new species of neurological Europian terropod dinosaur with feathers and membranous tissues.

Approximately 32 centimeters and roughly 306 grams, the new species is called Ambopteryx longibrachium, which would be a mixture of dinosaur and membranous pterosaur wings.

The newly discovered dinosaur belongs to the enigmatic clan of Scansoriopterygidae, one of the strangest groups of non-bird teropods, says Wang Min, a researcher at the Institute of Pheonology and Paleoanthropology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The survey was published as a cover story in the latest edition of the academic journal Nature.

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