Friday , April 16 2021

Cabrera from the brands Abre and Wizkel

In the short term, the birthplace of Maracay will continue to command couples, hits and teams achieved in the historic list of cryoloses in the MLB

CARLOS FIGUEROA RUIZ | CARACAS.- After becoming the day of last Wednesday in only the third Venezuelan who wishes at least 2,700 strikes in the big leagues, Miguel Cabrera now has its sights set to change from the first position in the historical list of doubles to Bob Abreu and from the avant-garde position of the rangers Omar Wieskel.

He also plans to leave Wiskel and Abreu in relation to the results achieved.

Last Tuesday, in the first game of a double podcartie in Fenway Park in Boston, he unloads a pipe against leftist Chris Sell. It was 560. doubled of his career, with which he defeated Jeff Kent at the 28th jump among the biggest slings and was 14 couples to bind Bob Abreu (574) As a creole with multiple ties on two cushions.

On Wednesday, they sounded 4-1 in the match that the Reds won with a victory over the Tigers 11-4. At the tip of the eighth, with two outings on the board, due to a ball and a strike, he hit the center line of the power line before sending the right-hand hunter Matt Barnes, to record his name as the sixty-ninth player to reach a minimum of 2,700 hits in the main US leagues.

With that, the number of hits was 177 to reach Vizquel, who closed his career of 24 seasons with 2,877 undisputed in 2000 968 games.

As for the results, Cabrera is five steps from the plate to reach 1,400 races, which is only 96 players in history.

Abre is a creole with more signs of golf scored in history, with 1453, 58 more than Cabrera. And in the second box Vizquel appears with 1445, half more than those scored by Maracay in seventeen seasons.

Not including the commitment on Thursday in Boston, Cabrera scored at least one goal in the last 10 games and has an average of 344 (61-21) in the last 16 games.

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