Monday , October 25 2021

Bravos cuts off the Sharks flight and installs in second place


Caracas.- Honored with two bases in Iguedo Diaz Arameño at the height of the fourth episode, was a key hit in the victory of 4 out of 3 with Margarita Braves on the Sharks of La Guaira, in a meeting that took place this Friday at the University Stadium.

With this victory, his number 14 in 24 presentations, the ninth island was placed in second place of the tournament, only half of the match with the leaders of the Caracas Lions, who did not see the action.

The pitcher who won the match was an advocate of Anthony & # 39; Ortega, who worked two-thirds of the round. The starter for Braves was Arik Sikula, who worked in five chapters where he took half a dozen hits and one run.

The defeat was American Scott Shuman, who allowed for the difference race in the seventh stage, which gave even three passports.

In turn, the veteran Francisco Buttó was shocked by three inseparable persons (including the start in the run) and two gears in 1.2 rounds.

In other matches of the day, Navegantes del Magallanes breathed in fresh air, defeating Cardinals 9-1 at José Bernardo Pérez stadium in Valencia, while Aguilas del Zulia defeated Tigers 4-3. Aragua in José Pérez Colmenares, in Maracay.

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