Saturday , October 16 2021

Bravos continues to move and performs multicambio with Tigres | Baseball

Pablo A. Rondón M. / @PablinhooAlee

Margarita Braves not only continues his good moment in the current campaign Venezuelan Professional Baseball League, but also the most active on the market, and on Wednesday a new pact was formalized Tigres de Aragua.

They sent Maracay to the gardener Yorman Rodríguez (straight from this city) and infielder Gabriel Noriegawho did not report in current collections. They received young players Alberti Chávez and Reinaldo Ilarrazaexcept patrol Albert Guaimaro.

The first of them made his debut on the national track in the club Isla de Margarita, without embbargo, only on November 7, but last year he was chosen by a cat in an unprotected ward. Belongs to Cincinnati Reds in 2018 he divided his actions between strong class A and double A, adding 33 hits in 61 games played.

On the other hand, Ilarraza is the only one who saw the action this season, taking part in three duels with aragüeños. He tied up .444 nine times and got a pair of tickets.

This is a tab Parents of San Diego in the summer he operated in four categories to sign 55 firecrackers in 79 matches, with 30 trailers. Bat on both sides of the plate.

On the prairie a vacuum that leaves exbigleaguer Rodriguez, will be covered by Barloventeño Guaimaro, only 19 years old and who took part in the Short Class A Miami Marlins, where his offensive line was .257 / .319 / .338.

Bengalics are stuck

Rodríguez, who made his debut in 2014 in Major leaguesafter a few years he returned to baseball, causing injuries and played a significant offensive neoespartanos action, although he remained on average .273 on average 55 times on a bat, with seven RBI and a double trio,

Meanwhile, Noriega is a shortstop with six years of experience in Venezuelan football, divided between Cardinals Lara and BravesHis sum amounts to 2,626 in 273 matches, with 67 trailers and 48 additional bases. In addition, he participated in four seasons.

They both have problems with ten-time Criollo baseball champions, because they are just one game since the elimination.

Similarly, those targeted by Henry Blanco they settled on the sixth position of the diamond with the young Angelo Castellanos and Imeldo Díazem, except that in the previous pact with striped Erick Salcedo they were now given Ilarrase.

This is the third transaction with insularami, the second takes place on subsequent days (on Tuesday they sent Eugenio Palma to Tiburones de La Guaira for Johny Celis), and the second, which he performs with the Bengal team (last week they received Salcedo Gabriela Lino in exchange).

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