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BCV approves rates for a new commission

UN The Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) announced through the Official Gazette no. 41,573, on January 28, 2019, the new bank rates that will apply for different transactions.

According to the text, for withdrawing money at ATMs, banks will charge 3 to 5% of the amount withdrawn.

In the meantime, the consultation committee with another bank went from Bs. S 9.00 to Bs. S 48.00 and the same bank is located in Bs. S 38.

Also, banks will charge for checks returned due to a lack of funds in current accounts paid or not, Bs. S 4.799,00 Sovereign Bolivars of Individuals and Bs. S 15,930.00 sovereigns of legal entities

In addition, issuing a check book will cost B. With 1.59300 (25 checks) and Bs. S 3.186,00 (50 checks) for individuals.

Read here Official Gazette no. 41.573

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