Wednesday , April 21 2021

BBVA unites its brand around the world and represents a new logo

BBVA announced it will unite its brand in all markets in the world in which it operates and introduced a new logo for the entity, leaving aside the local labels Bancommer (Mexico), Francis (Argentina), Compass (USA) and Continental (Per), while the Turkish Guarantee franchise changed its brand to Guarantee BBA.

The group announced this Wednesday, which coincided with the presentation of the new logo, during the special edition of its internal Live @ BBVA meeting, which was attended by nearly 126,000 associates personally and streaming.

Last March 14, BBVA Banco Francs, a subsidiary of the group in Argentina, launched a process of transition to the global brand BBVA. From the group they did not find out if the migration would take place in the other local branches, which was finally confirmed this Wednesday.

With these changes, BBVA is trying to move forward and offer its customers the best products and services in an increasingly digital environment, with a new identity that reflects the values ​​of the entity, especially "we are a team".

The change also highlights BBVA's goal of offering a unique value proposition and homogeneous user experience, which it thinks is typical for a digital company. In this way, the group is trying to make its products and services global as a result of a single development process that allows global co-operation, resource prioritization, better market times and adaptations to every market, the entity explains.

BBVA announced that it will gradually develop its new identity, including changes in corporate buildings, a network of affiliates and other corporate materials.

BBVA President Carlos Torres Vila stressed during the event that customer experience is "the most important factor" for the success of any company in the world in which digitalization and globalization are "a reality."

"BBVA is a pioneer in its commitment to digitization and in finding solutions that help customers make the best decisions in their life and in their business, their reflection in a common brand is a natural step in these moments," he said. Torres

On the other hand,That entity executive, Onur Gene, explained that unifying the bank's name and updating its logo is trying to better convey the "new reality" of BBVA, "increasingly globally and digitally."

"This new identity reinforces BBVA's commitment with offering its nearly 75 million users the best global solutions while maintaining our position on the local service, which is our goal: to make the opportunities for this new era available to everyone "appointed general

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