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Another arrest for the Dominican Republic drug-baseball network

Authorities arrested another person on Wednesday in a large regional drug trafficking network from the Dominican Republic that was linked to two former major league players.

The detainee was identified as Baltasar Mena, one of the five leaders of the network whose main leader is Caesar Emilio Peralta, also known as "Caesar El Abusador".

Authorities have reported that several firearms of different types and sizes were seized during Mana's arrest, as well as various documents.

So far, those arrested in the investigation have reached 10, including ex-launcher Octavio Dotel. The other former baseball player is Luis Castillo.

In their statement, authorities say "it is recalled that this network is also linked to and haunted by the authorities, former baseball player Luis Castillo."

Castillo posted a message on his Instagram account Tuesday, with the city of Miami as its geographical location, in which he wrote: "Only God knows the truth and Jesus really died."

On Tuesday, the Republic's Attorney General, Jeananne Allen Rodriguez, explained that a section that included baseball players was an alleged "corporate network" used by Peralta to cover up the origin of his fortune.

In Washington, the Treasury designated nine people and six companies as drug traffickers on Tuesday as part of a drug cartel allegedly headed by Peralta.

The US agency said the organization based in Santo Domingo coordinated shipments of significant quantities of cocaine and opioids to the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.

More than 40 raids have been carried out by Dominican authorities since Tuesday to dismantle the network, including nightclubs and a restaurant in the capital Santo Domingo. According to the public ministry, the business was part of a framework used to conceal the origin of money generated by drug trafficking.

Attorney Manuel Sierra, who said he works for Dotel's defense, described the link made by the authorities as "abuse".

"Dotel is a celebrity all over the country. That he worked hard in the majors, where he got good deals, "Sierra said in a Dominican radio telephone interview.

Dotel, 45, played for the Detroit Tigers, St. Louis Cardinals, Toronto Plates, Colorado Rockies, Los Angeles Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago White Sox, Atlanta Braves, Kansas Newcastle, Kansas Newcastle, Kansas Royals, Newcastle Royals as a baseball player who played with multiple teams in the MLB.

Castillo, 43, was the second baseman selected three times for the All-Star Game. He also won the Golden Glove three times and was a 2003 World Series champion with the Florida Marlins.

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