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An Evolution of the Vapear Devices, Apparently New | Noticias Univision Salud

The industry delivers, as it does, traditional cigarettes with all sorts of voltages that are traditional, with evolutionary hacia poderosos devices, generic capes, vapor vents, and potential toxicants.

As the technology in the continental Caribbean is concerned, investigators are looking for ways in which vapor and liquid devices interact with the consumer. Experts in tabaco advise that you have other potential devices sobrecalentar los liquidos de vapeo produciendo productos químicos toxicos y el aerosol that se inhala puede estar contaminado con metales peligrosos del propio dispositivo.

Aunque investigadores dicen que there are no surplus datasets for saber like the vaporizers for men who have cigarillosStanton Glantz, professor of medicine and director of the Center for Investigation and Education at the University of California-San Francisco in Control of the Tabaco, says that the evidence is vapor allow for an inertial support.

" Nadie sabe lo que hay en ninguno de estos productos"," said Glantz. "The consumer is not expanding an algo conocido."

Much of the consumables are spent on electrical cigarettes and other products for the purpose of generating a fumarine fever. For those of you who are interested in technology, también lo han hecho los liquidos electrónicos. Científicos d quen c quen las formulas de hoy pueden suministrar the misma cantidad o the nicotina mace that a cigarrillo en el mismo number bocanadas.

Los Centros para Control and Prevention of Inflammation (CDC) is analyzing the liquids and devices before identifying which cause of the infestation relates to vapor. By the 15th of October, the CDC had identified as many as 1,500 pulmonary lesions related to the vape. There are 33 people in the federal state.

Los investigadores sospechan that most of the lesions are relationaladas con cartuchos de contrabando con THC, the psychoactive ingredient of marijuana. The industry uses vape and yarn defenses to argue before defender for products and solutions but with renown effects.

As an embargo, the ingredients and materials that compose this product are a mystery, including the fact that they are legitimate. Investigadores como Thomas Eissenberg, professor of psychology and codirector del Centro para Estudio de Productio de Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, de las casos publicas en suitees en el cigarrillo electrónico precedieron al ltimo brote.

"Claramente, hay algo extraño en estos … casos to be a todos a la vez", said Eissenberg. "All sospecho that all of them have been counted in this type of enfermedades that they have instead of electrical cigarrillos."

These "cigarrillos" represent the most common form of electroconversion product for fumar. Disposable disposables for liquid inhalers and generally disposed of traditional cigarillos. Tambians contain modest nicotine cantidas, with no aspiration or facilitation.

Luego, los bolígrafos de vapeo ingresaron al mercado. Eran recargables and the only ones that have the potential to be calentaban. Its just nicotina.

Translate all available devices

The arrangement of the devices, the mods, the demonstration of the technological and cultural aspects of the vapor, led by Ana Maria Rule, assistant professor of investigating electrical cigarrillos at the Universidad Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. Los consumidores pueden customizable by changing the battery, the calefactor elements and the liquid electronics. The arrangement inspires the creation of groups called "nubes", usuaries that compete in todo events hacer la nube de aerosol más grande.

"Cambiaron por completo el alcance y toda la cultura del vapeo," said Rule.

This type of vapeo meaning that is consumable is inhaled large volumes of product aerosol quimics, y eso podría significar más productos químicos tóxicos, dicen investigadores.

Luego, July 2013. The device is chargeable with no flashlight, no personalized power and no general voltages available to the mod modulator.

To compensate for the Juul en tecnológica innovations, to compensate for the suspect liquids. The capsule contains a concentration of nicotine igual a pack of cigarrillos, lo preocupa a los funcionario de pública e investigadores por la nicotina es adictiva. The compilation of nicotine with acid benzoic acid reduces the irritation of the sabrosa. Finalis se convirtió in an exemplar precedentes, especialmente entre los jovenes.

I'm embargoed, nicotine is permitted in the United States for maintenance purposes as an inhalable consumable substance. Estudios are encoded in the sobrecalentamiento of a liquid electronically induced causal "thermal degradation", a process that is inextricably coupled. En algunos casos, esto puede crear químicos tóxicos como el formaldehído, a cancer agent, dijo Eissenberg.

This liquid has been squeezed out of the pound, but generally the consumables have no detectable form that is problematic.

"It is important to ensure that there is no maladaptive effect of producing degradation of the term", aggregates Eissenberg.

The aerosol de los cigarrillos electrónico también puede mezclarse con metal dañinos that cause the problems of salmon pulmonary and neurológica. This Rule coauthor has a list of different liquid electronics parts of 56 electronic cigarette lighters disposed of. The resultant sampling of the liquid that is encoded in the disposable inhaler of the consumer is subject to notable levels of liquid metal in the dispensable dispenser.

Los autores sugieren que el Elemental cofactors are disposable to provide sustained metal toxicants such as cromo, nickel and plum in liquid.

¿Vapeo o cigarrillos?

A dozen of those preoccupied with it are investigating delinquent taboos todavía no hay un veredicto sobre cuál es más peligroso, as los cigarrillos electrónicos o los traditionalos. There are no additional data datasets, however.

As an embargo, the evidencia clause does not imply that any of the casinos of the infertile relacionadas with el vapeo tomando medidas energas contra la industry. Massachusetts has temporarily banned the export of all products in the United States, prohibiting them from being impounded in any of the tribunals. The cigarrillos electrons ventilate the sap and vapor products that are currently frozen in the air and at local jurisdictions.

Algunos vapeo defensores are available only as promoters of the medium. Gregory Conley, president of the American Vaping Association's Finest Affiliate Association, says the patient's memory is informative about how contraceptive cartilage THC is.

"Los Estados Unidos is in the midst of a moral panic at the moment, and one of the most salient policies of the moral surgeon," said Conley.

Conley reconociates that those regulators are more likely to provide a juvenile delinquent juvenile delinquent. Note, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate cigarettes electronically until 2016. No court order is required for any of the products that will be released in 2016 under the FDA before May 2020, solicitudes de aprobación.

An agency that enforces the implementation of these regulations, investigators claiming to have electronic cigarrillos compasses they have an amplification margin before the vendor suspects the product under federal supervision.

Cigarrillos electrical and steam products "no current regulation, no mercury control, no control moment ", says Bonnie Halpern-Felsher, professor of pediatrics who investigates prevention consumables de la Universidad de Stanford en California. "Está completamente abierto".

San Francisco is one of the first EEUU cities to offer electronic cigarrillos.


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