Monday , February 17 2020
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Al-Froalin dies in Tokyo in alleged confrontation with FAES

On Tuesday morning, Bolivian National Police (PNB) Special Task Force (Fai) Carabobo officials succeeded in killing a subject after they were shot by a commission demanding he be involved in theft, extortion and theft of vehicles.

The incident was recorded in the El Oasis section of El Molino Urbanization, Tokyo, when uniformed men arrived at El Froalan's house and when they loudly reported, they drew firearms at police. Following the action, an exchange of gunshots was created that severely injured the subject, the leader of a criminal organization.

El Froalan, from whom Hass did not provide his identity, was flown to Tokyo's outpatient clinic where he was pronounced dead shortly after being admitted. According to neighbors in the sector, the man kept the community upset by the constant atrocities he committed.

A 0.38 revolver was used at the scene of the incident, which the thugs used to confront the Hai.

Arrested with drugs

In another proceeding conducted by Caribbean House officials, a man identified as Darwin Lopez has been arrested in Tarapio de Naguanagua. When he performed a routine examination, he had 73 grams of greenish-brown plant residue, purportedly known as "crunchy" marijuana.

With a FAES press release

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