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Ajax defeated Cristiano Ronaldo with another masterpiece

April 16, 2019 05:15
Updated on April 16, 2019 17:36

Ajax, with another masterpiece of football, technique and organization, triumphed 1-2 in the field of Juventus in Turin and will return to play the semi-finals of the Champions League 22 years later, despite receiving a goal from the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo , which was retired after three consecutive years as the king of Europe.

"CR7" in front of Juve for half an hour with another proof of their offensive force, but Ajax football ended up honored with the goals of the Dutch Donnie Van De Bick and Matthias De Ligt, giving "sons" to Johan Cruyff another goal as a guest, after 1-4 have scored in the second round against Real Madrid in Santiago Bernabeu.

After 1-2 of De Ligt, Ajax grew up in Turin, shone from Serbian Dusan Tadic, Morocco Hakim Ziheh and Brazilian David Nerez and deserved to leave Juventus Stadium with a much bigger result. It was fun for the men of the Dutch coach Eric Ten Hague who were not so far in the European Cup from 1996-1997. His European dream continues, after two giants prevailed like Real Madrid and Juve.

Suffering from the quick combination of Ajax in Amsterdam, Alegre urged his team to push and push on the Argentine Paulo Diablo as a starter, who constantly puts Frankie De Jong in to make it difficult to exit the ball. Bosnian Miralem Pjanic also has progressed much in the pressure phase and Juventus achieved its territory in the opening phase against Ajax, which lasted more than 20 minutes before it started to bang and also lost the Moroccan Nuusar Mazraui after only seven minutes for injury

And that's it, when little Dutch painting got a bit short, the "black beast" Christian appeared. In the corner kick that Pjanic threw, the "CR7" got rid of De Ligt and beat the golfer Andre Onana for the first time. It was glorified by conviction by Luco, a real nightmare of the Dutch.

Dutch reaction

Despite having a few minutes of tension, Ajax managed to react and, six minutes later, managed to overcome the result. Morocco Hakim Ziechh tried to hit a 20-meter shot, after defending the defense, came to Van De Beek to adjust it to the place and shut up the Juventus Stadium.

Tensions rose in the whole of Turin, which required the goal to continue the European path, but could not afford defensive distortions. This was added to the physical problem experienced by Dybala at the end of the first half, which forced him to retire at half-time and retreat for Keane.

Blankinegro left left with confusion in the sequel, before Ajax, who, animated by the transcendental goal accomplished in the first half, gave a sample of all their class and tactical organizations, with some combinations that flooded the Turkish language. Spectacular game that created three great occasions in the first quarter of an hour.

The first was Ziyech, who forgave from inside the area against the Polish goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny. The second was for Van De Bick, with the right to the square outside the area stopped by the goalkeeper; while the third was cut off by Pianic when Ziech was forced to close a large triangulation run by Neris and prepared by Tadic.

Juno's overall "sons" football put Juve on the ropes. Alegre left for Portugal's Joao Cancello and set off 4-3-3 at 3-5-2. Cristian tried to encourage his teammates, but European nightmares from the past were used by Turinay fans.

The final blow

Ajax dominated, and previous announcements were a prelude to the goal. In the 67th minute, Schone Corner kicked and De Ligt shot Daniele Rugani and Álex Sandro on the head and sent the ball to the back of the net (1-2). It was a psychological blow to Juventus, whose reaction was more driven by nervousness than with tactical attention. And Ajax remained faithful to his tradition: the game. Based on talent, organization and technique, the David Hague team hardly suffered defenses and continued to create great opportunities for achievement.

Neres pardoned at 74, Ziech saw the referee cancel the possible third offside, but it did not exhaust the historic night for Ajax, who set the course to the semifinals and does not limit it. It was a huge nuisance for Juve, who left the stadium, which was almost empty in the last few minutes. The final picture of the defeat was yellow to Cristiano, frustrated by the European elimination that did not suffer from 2015.

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