Friday , May 7 2021

According to Game Informer, the development of the Metroid Prime trilogy for the Nintendo Switch "ended a long time ago" –

If there were news today that affects us all, it's no doubt an announcement to postpone Metroid Prime 4, on the frozen title of Nintendo Switch. Today, Nintendo announced that it restarted the development of the game, collaborating with Retro studios. This company is currently in charge of the title.

Now, interesting news has arrived. And that's the editor of Informant, Imran Khan, announced some tweets very interesting According to Cannes, the development of the Metroid Release Trilogy for Nintendo Switch "ended many ".

Obviously, it is planned to release Metroid Prime Trilogy in December 2018, but finally it was not done. Although Han did not disclose why Nintendo had refused the release of the game, maybe the delay of Metroid Prime 4 might have something to do with it.

And it is that Kahn also talked about this delay, saying the following:

The big problem with the development of Metroid Prime 4 was the process of experimental development of Nintendo; It was done in parts in different countries. Some studies have continued to work by saying that they are doing well while working burning elsewhere.

The inner thought was that everything had to be under one roof to straighten the ship. Interestingly, Retro Studios made the launch for their participation and made demonstrations that Nintendo liked.

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