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A woman held a parting after having tried 15 years

Catherine Navarro, 34, from New Jersey, US UU., He could not divorce immediately from her husband because he disappeared and never returned.

Catherine Navarro lives in New Jersey and took 15 years for her husband to give her a divorce

Catherine says she was only 20 when she married Marcus in 2005, the product of blind love deciding to give her only 8 days before the wedding.

The relationship soon became quite toxic, so he demanded a divorce in 2012; which Mark did not want to give him. When the situation deteriorated, they decided to separate, but without the hope that Catherine could divorce. Then the man simply disappeared to make it hard, and the courts told the woman she could only get the documents only if she proved that she was looking for him from heaven and from the earth.

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The wedding of Catherine and Mark happened at the last moment, inside the wedding of a friend. But when they went to live together, she started real hell, and she discovered that her husband was full of secrets.

Catherine divorced on March 18 after 15 years of experience

When the courts accepted his request for so long, Catherine could not keep up with happiness. So she decided to celebrate with her friends what she called "The beginning of a new life".

About 30 guests enjoyed the cake that said: "An external marriage"

According to the portal of the narrow, the entire decoration of the place was according to the happy moment, as if it were a wedding. Cupcakes with phrases: "Boy, goodbye" and balloons who said "Happy divorced"That was what Catherine ordered to ensure that that day was marked forever.

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"When this happens, when you can not find your husband anywhere and desperately want to interrupt legal relationships, there is an option for to ask for a divorce in his absence, but you must show that you searched everywhere, "Katherine explained.

"I was very excited to finally recover my maiden name and get rid of him," he said. "It made me very happy." As soon as he finished with it, I felt that he was 20 years old and that he had a new opportunity to love himself, "he admits.

Catherine put pictures of her when she was single and showed how happy she was and she was happy

The poster "Happy Divorced" was the one that chaired the entire party. My favorite was a sign that said: "I did not like it," said the happy divorced woman.

"The food was simple, but with my friends we ate, laughed and danced all night. It was fantastic. I would definitely recommend divorce to someone else if it is a happy occasion that brings joy, rather than wonderful old memories," he added.

"Everything happens for a reason, and for me, in the end, everything happened for the better. It does not stop in the past and accept the lessons provided by each experience. Life is too short to be in a relationship that does not make you happy, legally or not"Catherine concludes.

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