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A person in charge of "Outer Worlds" talks about how to improve Fallout 3's most famous mission

Did you decide to fly the city of Megaton through the air, or did you prefer to save it? In any case, the mission The power of the atom Fallout 3 was shot in the minds of many players because of the real consequences it presented. Although in Obsidian They have criticism.

Participates in the latest USGamer podcast Leonard Bojarski, one of the developers of the recent "Outer Space of Obsessed Entertainment", which also featured in the original Outburst.

Although he likes Bethesda's reinterpretation in many ways, there is one that bothers him: he doesn't see that there is constant cause to destroy Megaton.

I think it was visually impressive. I have a feeling there should be more motivation for someone to blow it up. But I really enjoyed playing Fallout 3. It was the first time I played Fallout RPG in which I wasn't involved, so it was very interesting.

The reason is that the reason is not missing. I remember that I chose to save the city because the guy who proposed to destroy it, a rich man who wanted to take over that land, I didn't like it and just offered me a reward that didn't interest me. But the truth is that the game was very impressive to leave you finished with one of the most important places and its inhabitants.

Bojarski thinks they did a little better at The outer worlds. Their new game faces several factions with each other, and they want the player to be able sympathize with each of them To choose a side.

We are always thinking about the real motivations behind the main characters of each of those factions. We are not only treated as spokesmen, but as real. How would you feel? How would you react to that situation? What arguments would they use to get the player to join them? If those motivations are more credible, the choice is more interesting and difficult.

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