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A passage of the hall of the urabola

It is 1 August, as the primer for the Gobierno Republic of the Democratic Republic of Congo's declaration of a virus infected with the virus in the Kivu Norte Province. In mid-July 2019, the epidemic began to declare an emergency of international interest.

Obstacles to deter the transmission of the infant son of hecho considerable. Pero ninguno de ellos es insuperable. Y ninguno de ellos puede ser utilizado como pretexto para no actuar. Las Naciones Unidas and its associates are intensifying their respect for the Gobierno and the strongholds of the conjunta accion.

¿Where can I get a virus for this virus?

There is no evidence that the vaccine has been shown to affect any of the patients in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, both in the current world and in our mortal history.

It noviembre comprises only one of the alloys that are comparable to different tratamientos in different cuatro. De los cuatro, dos tratamientos conocidos como REGN-EB3 y mAb114 fueron tan efectivos that the investigators anunciaron an suspendieron the pruebas y dejar de distributor los otros menos efectivos.

The resultant initials encontrates that patients who are resuscitated may be affected by only one probable cause of supervision.

That is, the mortality rate for REGN-EB3 and mAb114 is 29% and 34% respectable. However, unlike other drugs, ZMapp and Remdesivir have mortality rates of 49% and 53%.

But otto, los dos medicamentos efectivos operates aún most before patients who fuerrtrados temprano. This rate of mortality was reduced by 6% before REGN-EB3 and 11% by mAb114.

This information is provided by Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infected Infection (NIAID) and one of the leading investigators in the study.

virus del Ébola cura
The virus in Ebola has more than 1,800 people in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
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Los resultados fueron más sorprendentes para los patients recibieron tratamientos peculiaris de infantes, cuando sus cargas virals aún eran bajas. That is, the mortality rate is 11% with mAb114 and only 6% with Regeneron medication, compared to 24% with ZMapp and 33% with Remdesivir.

These primeros resultados suggest that the guidelines are a matter of course for the infant.

"At the same time, the EVD (which does not contain the virus of the virus) is not curable," said Jean-Jacques Muyembe-Tamfum, director general of the RDC's Federal Medical Research Institute, in a lament.

"This advance, en el futuro, will last a year and a half miles that will result in a fatal outcome in the past" aggregó.

CNN portal contains information about the CNN.

¿Where is the virus infected?

There is a great deal of transmission of hijo, migraine, a patient or a child, and the mortal remains of a victim in a duel. Intermittent interruptions are activated in diarrhea, affecting local emotions, preventing them from escaping and affecting only essential services such as normal services.

These are the main points of a crisis of salvation, for which some of the consciences gravitate towards the form that such individuals have of the family, consider a number of particulars and interact with the community.

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virus del Ébola
There are over 20,000 contact visits in the country that are not available.
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