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95% of the population in Zulia consumes nights without light and 40 ° C at a temperature

April 17, 2019 02:21
Updated on April 17, 2019, 14:29

Jesús Castillo Molela, president of the Zulia Produkta organization, on Wednesday condemned the quality of life of the inhabitants of the state of Zulia drastically reduced due to the lack of attention of the rulers, before the crisis in the productive sectors that stretches across the country.

"In the case of the state of Zulia, the quality of life has been repaired." 95% of the population is spent all night without an electrical service in a climate above 40 degrees Celsius. It is a totally inhuman fact that kills citizens and punishes the productive sector of the state of death, Castillo said in an article on Radio Feg Yalliya.

He noted that the problems were solved by experts and that they made suggestions to the public forces led by the ruling party, who ignored criticism.

"The proposals of more than 100 economists, chambers of commerce, universities, multilateral organizations, financial companies, risk operators were deaf ears for the government that in the only thing successful, it remained in power for a very high price for the Venezuelans," Castio .

President Zulia Produkta rejected the priority attention that the international community gave to the political crisis when the humanitarian and economic crisis of the nation deepened in parallel.

"If the government wants to have merit to stay because it does not fix, and if the opposition wants to take power, it is obliged to open its strategy. If the situation continues, few will be able to continue to face the crisis, the financial , emotional, electricity, water, transport, lack of cash, health, education, and more Venezuelans will try to achieve better social assistance outside of Venezuela every day, "he said.

With information from Radio Fe y Alegria.

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